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East Boldre Oral History Project - Barry Lowe

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Untold stories of East Boldre

Barry Lowe (Baz) was born in East Boldre in 1945. He has lived in the village almost all his life. His grand parents owned a small holding in the village, producing their own butter and cheese. He went to school in East Boldre until he was 11, then to Brockenhurst School.

During the war, he and his parents looked after an Alsatian guard dog, owned by Max Muller, a German POW.

Barry was a friend of Ken Russell, and appeared in several of his films. He also writes country and western song lyrics. He has written several songs (tracks of East Boldre) about characters in the village, including the lady with the pram telling the story of Lillian Rostigina, and true events which took place in East Boldre, including the day we drank John Cuttler’s cider.

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School days

A forest childhood

Gran and Granfer

P.O.W Max Muller

Lillian Rostigina

John Cutler's cider

How Dick died

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