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Latest East Boldre and Beyond Newsletter

29 May 2017

Hello Everyone

This newsletter contains news of the East Boldre Parish Council’s progress in bringing high speed broadband to the village. There are some Neighbourhood Watch reports concerning thefts from cars and residential burglaries.

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Broadband in East Boldre

East Boldre Parish Council have been working closely with Hampshire County Council and other stake holders to improve the provision of high speed broadband in the village. It is now apparent that any improvements made by BT Openreach to the local exchanges and infrastructure will only benefit properties close to the exchanges and for much of the village between the two exchanges, speed increases are expected to be very limited.

As a separate measure, in partnership with a local telecoms provider (Wight Wireless) the council has been exploring other options for providing high speed broadband to the whole village. The most feasible of these options is to install a private fibre network in the village. This option would require a community based approach requiring land owners to grant approval for fibre cabling to pass through their land allowing the construction of a dedicated fibre network to provide internet services at speeds significantly faster than both the national average and that due to be provided as a best-case situation from BT's current plans.

For Wight Wireless and the council to assess the commercial feasibility of this project, they require some feedback from you in the form of an online survey.

You can read more about this project on the Parish Council website:  and you can complete the online survey at

Your neighbours might not receive this newsletter so please tell them about it and encourage them to complete the survey.

Neighbourhood Watch

There have been several thefts from cars in the New Forest recently.

Thieves are now targeting bicycles that are attached to the back of vehicles parked in the New Forest, especially in the Forest's campsites and car parks. The thieves are using bolt cutters to break through any chains that are being used to secure the bicycles to the racks on the backs of vehicles.

Earlier this month, two cars parked on private driveways on Cooper Road and on Ashdene Road in Ashurst were broken into overnight and several items stolen. During April, three vehicles were broken into on the same night, one in Winsor, one in Bartley and one in Lyndhurst. High value items were stolen from a two of those vehicles. All three vehicles were parked inside the owners’ properties.

If you see any suspicious behaviour around cars parked in forest car parks, private drives of local roads, please call the police immediately using the emergency 999 number.

Burglars love the warm weather because people leave windows open when they are away from home. There have been residential burglaries recently in Bartley and Beaulieu although thefts from outbuildings are still more common. Hampshire Police have posted some advice on how to protect rural properties from burglars, on their website at:

Following a robbery at Bartley Post Office, the police have issued CCTV images of two suspects and are asking the public if they recognise them. The images are on:

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 10th June

Music at Beaulieu Presents: FB POCKET ORCHESTRA

7:00 pm. Tickets £15 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 8th July

Music at Beaulieu Presents: GLYNDEBOURNE AT BEAULIEU

7:00 pm. Tickets £20 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 15th July

Music at Beaulieu Presents: THE KING’S MEN with early music, Tallis, Byrd, Poulenc, and then move on to light, traditional music and finally modern music arranged in close harmony.

7:00 pm. Tickets £15 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 19th August

Music at Beaulieu Presents: IAN EVANS, piano

7:00 pm. Tickets £15 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 14th October

Music at Beaulieu Presents: VOICES OF THE FOREST

7:00 pm. Tickets £10 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 11th November

Music at Beaulieu Presents: STARS OF TRINITY LABAN

7:00 pm. Tickets £15 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Saturday 16th December


7:00 pm. Tickets £10 Box Office Tel: 07770 859900

Music at Beaulieu Tickets:

1. By post to PO Box 84, Lymington SO41 3ZA with a cheque made payable to Music at Beaulieu and a s.a.e.

2. On line by going to the Programme page of or (There is a booking charge.)

3. By phoning the Box Office 07770 859900

4. On the door if the concert is not sold out.

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