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East Boldre has two village halls which are available for hire. These are East Boldre Village Hall and the School Fields Hall which are featured on this page.

There are also halls attached to St. Paul’s Church and the Baptist Church.  See our Local Churches page for contact details.

Halls in nearby villages that are available for hire:

Boldre Memorial Hall (Main Hall, Small Hall and Perkin Hal)

Beaulieu Village Hall

Brockenhurst Village Hall

Hythe and Dibden Parish Hall

St. John’s Hall, Hythe Tel: 023 8084 4336

St. Thomas’ Church Hall, Lymington

Masonic Hall, Lymington Tel: 01590 672847

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Village Halls - Contact us

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East Boldre Village Hall:

To enquire about bookings, please

For other enquiries contact Steve & Gina Antczak on 01590 626 368 or e-mail using our Main Website Contact Page.

If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please be patient. We are all volunteers.

School Fields Trust Hall and Playground:

For further information please use our Contact Page.

For booking enquiries for the School Fields Trust Hall, please use our Contact Page or telephone 01590 612 133. (If not at home please leave a message.)

Please note that the playground is open to the public and cannot be booked for private parties.

Please be patient. We are all volunteers.

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