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Local Clubs and Groups - East Boldre Art Group

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To see more artwork by Carol M, click on the thumbnail of her website below.

One Monday morning in January 2020

East Boldre Painters Group

We are hoping that we will be able to begin our Monday morning painting sessions down at the School Field Hall at the beginning of July, though, of course, this will depend on Covid restrictions being lifted in line with the planned timetable. Let's hope that will be the case, especially as most of us seem to be rather good at finding other things to do and need the stimulus of the company of other painters to encourage our own ideas.

Jill likes to work on large textile pieces

Samples of our Art

Dave painting wading birds

Norwegian Twilight

in watercolour by Muriel

Ready for Some Drama in watercolour

Serenity Swan, 20 x 16 in acrylic

Solitary Sunset Beach

Early morning at a field in Copthorne

in watercolour by Rene

Lighthouse in watercolour with ink details by Carol S

Lockdown Lunacy Begins in acrylic by Rene

Cat in acrylic by Alison

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