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To see more artwork by Carol M, click on the thumbnail of her website below.

One Monday morning in January 2020

East Boldre Painters

Last Monday, August 2nd, was the first time the East Boldre Painters was able to meet indoors since Covid restrictions made such gatherings difficult. Only five people attended the first meeting so, although others are expected to return soon, there is room for new members and you are very welcome to come and join in.

The East Boldre Painters Group is a relaxed paint and chat group where everyone does their own work, often gaining inspiration and suggestions (which can be ignored without offence) from each other. We do not have a tutor though we hope to have occasional workshops and exhibitions again eventually. We meet at the Old School Fields Hall, Main Road, East Boldre, SO42 7WT from 10am to 1pm on Mondays. There will not be a meeting on the Bank Holiday on 30th August but otherwise we plan to continue to meet on Mondays for the rest of the year.

The weekly cost, currently £3, is payable only on the weeks you attend. Tea and coffee making supplies and biscuits are provided with the cost included in your subscription. At the moment many painters are choosing to bring their own flasks with them.

For any further information please contact:

Either  Carol Mileusnic 07930 663637   or  

Or  Irene Sanders 01590 612530 or

Solitary Sunset Beach

Samples of our Art

Norwegian Twilight

in watercolour by Muriel

Ready for Some Drama in watercolour

Serenity Swan, 20 x 16 in acrylic

Early morning at a field in Copthorne

in watercolour by Rene

Lighthouse in watercolour with ink details by Carol S

Lockdown Lunacy Begins in acrylic by Rene

Cat in acrylic by Alison

Over the past few months the painters' group have all worked together to produce this mural to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  It is framed by copies of the 54 flags of the Commonwealth Nations.  

We were delighted that so many people came in from their Jubilee picnics on Sunday to look at it.  We intend to leave it up for some time so that everyone using the hall gets a chance to see it.

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