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East Boldre Emergency Plan - Update December 2019

Over the last year a small committee of volunteers has been developing an Emergency Plan for the village. The plan will allow us to support the Emergency Services if required and also to act independently if for some reason the First Responders are delayed or are unable to attend due to other priorities.

A questionnaire was delivered to all household and nearly 60 individual volunteers have come forward offering to help with transport, first aid, catering, site clearance and the support of people affected by any incident. In addition a number of local businesses have offered their assistance and both churches have offered their facilities as shelters for anyone displaced.

A key part of any local response is our ability to communicate with households in the village and with the volunteers that have come forward. For this reason some of the volunteers have offered to be local representatives for their area within the village and they will act as a liaison with the coordinators controlling the incident so that messages and information can be quickly passed around the village if required. We will publish a list of local representatives and the properties that they cover in due course.

The plan itself is now complete and it is intended to hold a meeting in January to update all those involved with how it will operate. Once this has taken place the plan can go live with the support of Hampshire County Council, who have provided valuable advice throughout its development.

By the time the plan goes live we will have purchased a number of items of equipment (torches, vests, hats, first aid kits and walkie talkies) that will available for use during any incident and although we hope it will never happen, we will certainly be better prepared to assist if it does.

Many thanks to all volunteers and a Happy Christmas to all.

Mike Upton

Emergency Plan Coordinator

East Boldre Village Emergency Plan

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