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East Boldre Village Emergency Plan

You can read the Emergency Plan online here.

Remember - When the lights go out, you probably won’t be able to read it online. Download and print a copy you can refer to by candlelight.

From time to time, make sure you have a copy of the latest update.



The Emergency Plan Working Group has activated the Emergency Plan in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Click Here to Read the Latest Sources of Assistance

Including E-Mail and Telephone Contacts

Click Here for a Useful Guide about Improving Mental Health
during the COVID-19 Pandemic

IF YOU ARE SELF ISOLATING please let us know.    

We have volunteers who can help with:

IN THE FIRST INSTANCE CONTACT – (1) your local emergency rep if you know their number or (2) one of the Emergency Contacts given on The East Boldre Emergency Plan leaflet that was recently distributed:

Posting Mail

Keeping in Touch

Urgent Supplies

Picking Up Shopping

East Boldre Parish

Community Emergency Plan

Plan last updated on: 27/01/2020

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger dial 999 or 112 and ask for the service required (Fire, Police or Ambulance).

The Emergency Plan has been developed to provide a local response to

Nothing in this plan is intended to deter anyone from calling 999

No helper should place themselves or anyone else in danger

Download a printable PDF of the Emergency Plan

Emergency Coordinator - Mike Upton

Deputy Emergency Coordinator - Howard Moore

Domestic Emergency?

Leaking roof, broken washing machine hose, leaking radiator pipe…

It could happen to anyone.

When the tornado tore off part of the village hall’s roof and the rainwater flooded in for nearly a week, we bought a wet and dry vacuum cleaner which saved us hours of mopping. Hopefully we will never have to use it again. It now sits idle in our storeroom.

If you have suffered an indoor flood, you are welcome to borrow it. Call Steve on 01590 626368 or Mike on 01590 611073.

All we ask is that you return it in a clean, dry condition.

Plan Coordinator:

Mike Upton

01590 612858

Mob: 07766 522310

Deputy Coordinator:

Howard Moore

01590 611130

Mob: 07794 290294

Parish Council Chair:

Kevin Holmes

Mob: 07891 575717

Deputy Chair:

Bev Hawker

01590 626533

Mob: 07970 946205

Parish Councillors:

Debbie Drodge

01590 611398

Mob: 07923 452579

Mike Husband

Mob: 07774 982963

Ian Moyse

01590 626647

Mob: 07957 578059

Lynn Clark

01590 611021

Mob: 07778 160430

Rebecca Gabzdyl

Mob: 07786 963347

or (3) text 07766 522310 giving:   Your Name, Address and Telephone Number.

PLEASE NOTE - Coronavirus is contagious and we need to ensure that everyone is protected as well as possible. Avoid physical contact (2m distance). Supplies should be left on doorsteps and handwashing should be carried out after touching them.

All Government advice available at or search for “Gov UK”

NHS self-isolation advice:

Download this information as a printable PDF you keep in a safe place

Visit the “East Boldre Coronavirus Response” Group on Facebook

Keep Yourself Safe While Helping Others

Here is a message from Mike Upton, Emergency Plan Coordinator.

I do hope that you are keeping well. Also don't forget that if you are isolating yourself there are others that can help you with shopping etc.

I just wanted to bring to your attention the need to protect both the isolating or vulnerable person and yourself when providing any assistance.

This includes the need for distancing and hand washing and only providing help if you are below 70 years of age and in good health with no underlying conditions.

Another issue that may arise is a request to transport someone to the doctors or to hospital for an appointment or tests. In this instance please get advice from their doctor before considering offering transport. If Coronavirus is suspected, the NHS should provide appropriate transport. The standing advice is not to undertake a car journey with anyone that you are not living with and you should not put yourself at risk in this way.

Government guidance on providing assistance during the current crisis is given at:

If you have any questions on this, please let me know. This is all new to me as well, but I will try to help.

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