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Click the following links to see photos of the children’s work:

Beaulieu Village Primary School

William Gilpin Primary School

Milford on Sea Primary School

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2015 Event - Project Work By South Baddesley School

Children from Year 5 of South Baddesley Primary School were asked to prepare scrapbooks anf poppy tributes to lay on the WW1 graves of J. L. Morrison, J. Hogan, V. M. Kidd, Arthur F. Belyea and Austin Wyard Blackie. The scrapbooks contained their project work on these servicemen, the WW1 airfield at East Boldre, the aircraft that visited East Boldre and WW1 in general. They also produced some artwork.

Click on the images to expand and start a slide show. Zoom your browser window to read the detail.

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