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If you run a business in or around East Boldre or East End, you can publicise your services on these pages. There is no charge for this service. Please use our Contact Page to get in touch.

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Local Business Section - New Forest Fitness

Personal training and Pilates


Courses are run by Juliet in several local venues at convenient times. Venues include  Brockenhurst Methodist Church Hall and Milford on Sea Community Centre.

Pilates will help you rebalance, realign and strengthen your body. The mind body connection will teach you relaxation techniques and a stronger core will ensure a better posture and a stronger back.


How about I come to your home, at a time to suit you and we work out an exercise program specifically for your requirements. We can do full on high impact exercise or maybe do half and half, with a full 30 minute stretching program or some Pilates exercises.

Visit our web site at

Telephone Juliet on: 07736 359 062

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