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East Boldre Community Shop Floor Plan

Possible Shop Layouts

Its early days and a lot may change but the pictures below give an idea of what might be possible in the space available. This helps understand how our shop may compare with others around us and what might be possible in the new hub.

Figures from the Plunkett Foundation give the average floor space of a community shop as 66 sq. m. The planned area for ours is 100 sq. m so it sits comfortably within the range for a viable shop. Our existing shop has about 30 sq. m of retail space.

For more information download a more detailed analysis (printable PDF).

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Shop floor plan 100 sq. m total gives a retail area of about 66 sq. m once storage, counter and office space have been allowed for.

With storage moved to a basement the retail area could be increased to 82 sq. m. Storage could also be larger. The cost impact of a basement is yet to be understood.

Based on community feedback many people think the hub should contain a café. The image above shows how this might be achieved without compromising the shop retail area and hence its business case. The shop storage and office would have to be moved to a basement the cost impact of which needs study. A feasibility study into what the café offering could be has been started.

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