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This column shows what happens each week at the School Field’s Trust Hall.  At all other times the hall is available for hire if it has not been previously booked.


Painters Group 10:00 am-1:00 pm (not Bank Holidays)

Weekly cost, £4 to include tea/coffee and biscuits.



Baby and Toddler Group 9:30-11:00 am. £2 per family.
Contact Ann on 07977 629559
or Sue on 07968 048987




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School Fields Trust Hall - Committee Meeting Minutes

This page contains links to summaries of the minutes of the East Boldre School Fields Trust Management Committee meetings. They are available as printable PDFs.

January 2021 Committee Meeting

March 2021 Committee Meeting

May 2021 Committee Meeting

June 2021 AGM Minutes and Chairman’s Report

July 2021 Committee Meeting

September 2021 Committee Meeting

January 2022 Committee Meeting

February 2022 Committee Meeting

May 2022 Committee Meeting

July 2022 AGM Minutes and Chair’s Report

September 2022 Committee Meeting

November 2022 Committee Meeting

February 2023 Committee Meeting

June 2023 Committee Meeting

July 2023 AGM Minutes

September 2023 Committee meeting

November 2023 Committee Meeting

January 2024 Committee Meeting

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