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Local Interest

Village Halls Available for Hire

The Village Halls website is now part of this website. Go to the Village Halls Section for booking details.

East Boldre WW1 Project

The East Boldre Airfield Remembers WW1 project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. More details in our Local History section.

East Boldre Hedgehog Rescue

East Boldre resident Louise Godden is a member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and registered with them as a carer.

Click here to see who are supporting hedgehogs in our area.

Injured or sick hedgehogs need help. or call Louise on 07595709617.

War Memorial Restored

Decades of wind and rain have taken their toll on the war memorial plaque at East Boldre Village Hall. In 2015, however, the missing letters were replaced by Allstone Stonemasons of Southampton who offered their services free of charge. The restored lettering was repainted by Sue Adams, a village hall volunteer. Visit our Village Hall War Memorial page to find out more about the local soldiers who died in the two world wars.

East Boldre Education Trust

The East Boldre Education Trust has monies that could be granted to children who live in the parish and have educational needs or for very talented children.

Contact Jan Saunders on 01590 612085

Sports & Social Club Update

The East Boldre & Beaulieu Sports & Social Club building will be leased to the Swamp Rats Motorbike Club from 1st July 2012. Read more.

The Beaulieu Letters Restored

The Beaulieu Letters, which date back to the New Forest Flying School at East Boldre, are being restored and the restoration will be featured in the BBC programme, ‘A Great British Story’. Never heard of them? Read all about it on our Local History Page.

Speed Limit Reminder

Too many drivers are speeding through the village. Read more.

Join Community SpeedWatch and do something about it. Read more.

Latest News

Watch out, the shed burglar is about

At this time of year, everything in the garden should be rosy – but beware of shed burglars.

After a recent spate of things being stolen from sheds in the Hythe area, the Safer New Forest Partnership is urging residents to take extra steps to protect garden and allotment sheds, outdoor stores and garages from intruders.

New Forest Chief Inspector Tony Rowlinson said: “Make sure you secure everything and don’t leave anything of high value on show or unprotected.”

To reduce the risk of your outdoor premises becoming the target of thieves, the following advice can help improve your security:

Ensure that all outside storage facilities, such as sheds and containers, are locked with a heavy duty secure padlock. Safer New Forest offers a high quality alarmed padlock for £10, which can be purchased through New Forest District Council information centres.

Improve outdoor security with external passive infra-red lights, CCTV and alarms.

Do not park vehicles or store large items, such as bins, against a fence as this will provide easier access to your property.

Keep tools and high-value goods out of sight and locked away. Store your most valuable items inside your main property if possible.

Report any suspicious activity, including descriptions of suspects and vehicle number plates, to police on 101. In an emergency, dial 999.

If you have access to the internet, or can pop into your local library to use their computers, visit to see the actual crime reported to police in your area.

The Partnership also urges householders to take steps to protect their hanging baskets, flower tubs, barbecues, garden ornaments, patio sets and patio heaters.

To secure hanging baskets to their brackets, loop heavy gauge wire in and out of the basket and run it up one of the chains to the bracket where it can be wound round a few times before running it back down to the basket again.

Lockable hanging baskets are available from the internet and garden centres.

The Partnership reminds residents to protect their valuable outdoor furniture, such as gas barbecues, patio heaters and patio sets, bikes and garden machinery, by property-marking and photographing them. They can also register their property for free on

Cllr Jill Cleary, NFDC portfolio holder for Housing and Communities, said: “New Forest residents take great pride in their gardens and spend a lot of time and money in nurturing them. To prevent the heartache and loss that garden crime causes, I urge all our local gardeners to take these simple measures to protect their property.”

For information about the work of the Safer New Forest Partnership visit: or contact Stephanie Bennett on 023 8028 5588 or email

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New Forest Council urges greater sun awareness

Be sun aware - that’s the message from New Forest District Council as it launches a campaign to help reduce the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer in the New Forest.

The New Forest has the second highest rate of malignant melanoma (skin cancer) in England, which is why the council hopes its campaign will encourage people to protect themselves in the sun and regularly check their skin for signs of skin cancer.

Nine out of ten skin cancer cases are preventable if simple measures are followed and the majority of skin cancers can be cured if detected early enough.

Residents are advised to use a high protection sunscreen of at least SPF30 with a high UVA rating, to check all their skin every month, and to tell their doctor about any changes to a mole or area of skin. Remember - if in doubt, always check it out!

Councillor Di Brooks (pictured), New Forest District Council’s portfolio holder for health and leisure, said: “The New Forest is a wonderful place to spend time outdoors and some sunshine can be good for us – often giving us a sense of wellbeing.

“However, over exposure to the sun can lead to a range of skin problems and potentially skin cancer.

“Skin cancer is a prevalent health issue for us in the New Forest and by raising sun awareness we hope to reduce the number of residents diagnosed with skin cancer in the future. We also want to encourage people to regularly self-examine so they can detect any signs of skin cancer early and see their GP quicker. This could save lives.”

Over the summer the council is attending several community events and talking to local groups about sun awareness. A sun awareness leaflet and spotting skin cancer leaflet are available from council information offices and leisure centres. It is also available on the council’s website  If you are a community group and would like more copies of the leaflets, contact the communications team on 023 8028 5588.

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Preventing a Fall

Special exercise classes are now available in the New Forest to offer a steadying hand and help prevent the risk of injury.

Steady and strong exercise classes

New Forest District Council, in partnership with Hampshire County Council and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust now run special exercise classes for older people who are unsteady on their feet or have recently suffered a fall.

They provide specific targeted exercise to increase muscle strength, develop coordination and improve balance, flexibility and confidence. They also offer social interaction and, above all, a great opportunity for people to have fun!

Classes are currently held at:

Lyndhurst, Fenwick2 Health and Wellbeing Centre

Tuesday 10.45am

Contact 02380 282862

Quaker Court, Ringwood

Thursdays 10am and 11am

Contact Gilly Ostler on 07817 233707

Avonway Community Centre, Fordingbridge

Thursdays 1.30pm

Contact Gilly Ostler on 07817 233707

Totton and Eling Community Centre (from 1st July)

Monday 2pm

Contact Jacqui Hewitt on 07710 478185/02380 360625

Hythe Medical Centre

Mondays 10.30am and 11.30am

Contact Gilly Ostler on 07817 233707

Milford Hospital

Wednesdays 10.45am (from July)

Contact Sally Crumpler on 07895 003910

Lymington Health and Leisure Centre, Pennington

Thursdays 1.45pm

Contact Tony Winslow on 02380 285588

Andrews Lodge, 66-66a Southampton Road in Lymington

Mondays 10.30am

Contact Sally Crumpler on 07895 003910.

Here are some comments from the people who attend:

"An excellent set of exercises which work well with those given to me by my physiotherapist."

"I find it a little easier to get in and out of the bath now. I find I often walk around my flat without a stick and don't miss it."

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Keep your outbuildings secure with a padlock alarm from Safer New Forest.

Make your outdoor buildings burglar-proof

With Springtime just around the corner, you may be thinking of clearing out your sheds and garages to prepare for the year ahead.

If so, the Safer New Forest Partnership is offering a low-priced but highly-effective alarmed padlock to help householders secure their outdoor buildings and protect their property from intruders.

 "Many people think 'It couldn't happen to me', but you could become a victim of theft if you leave your property unsecured," said Cllr Jill Cleary, New Forest District Council portfolio holder for Housing and Communities.

"Don't be complacent - make sure your sheds, garages and any other outbuildings are securely locked with a good quality device."

The Safer New Forest Partnership offers residents a high quality alarmed padlock for £10 which can be purchased at New Forest District Council information centres across the district, as they're too heavy to post.

The Partnership also reminds residents to protect their valuable outdoor furniture, such as gas barbecues, patio heaters and patio sets, bikes and garden machinery, by property-marking and photographing them. They can also register their property for free on

"The New Forest is a relatively low-crime area but that's no excuse for apathy," said New Forest Chief Inspector Tony Rowlinson. "I would advise all householders to protect their property, especially when it is left in outdoor buildings which may be easier to access. Lock your outbuildings and remember if you don't, you may not be covered by your insurance."

For information about the work of the Safer New Forest Partnership visit: or contact Community Safety co-ordinator Stephanie Bennett on 023 8028 5588, email

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Sports & Social Club Update

Rachel Pearson, resident agent for Beaulieu Estate, informed East Boldre Parish CouncilCouncil that the closed East Boldre & Beaulieu Sports & Social Club building will be leased to the Swamp Rats Motorbike Club from 1st July and introduced Trevor Bradford from the club. He stated that the club will use the building on Wednesday evenings for a meeting and Saturday evenings for a social get together up to 11:00-11:30 pm. There are currently twelve members. Some meetings might involve more people from other clubs. They undertake a lot of fund raising activities.

Following questions from councillors, Mr Bradford confirmed that the club has been meeting in pubs but that that alcohol would not be for sale in their new venue. Club members have varying types of bikes and live in different areas. They would not all arrive and leave at the same time. No bike maintenance would be carried out at the premises. He assured the meeting that they will respect residents and the area and was anxious to allay any concerns over potential noise.

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Cycling in the New Forest

1 Protect Your Bike from Thieves

New Forest cyclists of all ages are urged to protect their bikes from thieves by security marking them and locking them securely when unattended.

Bicycles left unlocked outdoors are prime targets for thieves, says the Safer New Forest Partnership.

As an incentive to keep bikes secure, the Partnership is offering a gold standard D lock for just £16, available from New Forest District Council information offices. This is a much reduced price on similar quality products in the shops.

Securing bikes with this toughened lock will act as a visible deterrent to thieves.

Cllr Jill Cleary, NFDC portfolio holder for Housing and Communities, said: "The New Forest is a very safe area to live, but opportunist crime still exists and unlocked cycles are stolen from front gardens, public sites and in the street.

"New Forest police officers are actively targeting cycle thieves, but please do your bit to keep your bike secure.

"The Partnership is pleased to support the sale of these high quality cycle D locks in the council's information offices. These have been tested and proved very successful. Giving local cyclists the opportunity to buy one at such a low price will help reduce bike thefts in the future."

The Safer New Forest Partnership also urges bike owners to make a note of their bike's serial number and security mark their property with a product such as Crimestoppers Property Protector fluid.

Pupils and students who cycle are reminded to secure their bikes at school and college, even if they are left in a locked bike store or CCTV protected area. Remember to secure or remove your lights too.

The Partnership supports the Immobilise website where you can register your bikes and other property for free. The police then use this information to reunite stolen or lost property with its rightful owner.

If you have information about cycle thieves, call Hampshire Police on 101 and ask to be put through to the Safer Neighbourhood Team for your area.

Download a leaflet from Hampshire Constabulary which gives further advice on protecting your bike and recording its essential details.

2 Be Seen by Motorists on Dark Winter Days

Cyclists are urged to take extra care and make sure they are seen by other road users on the dark winter roads.

The Safer New Forest Partnership reminds cyclists to switch on their bike lights, even in late afternoon and always in bad weather.

New Forest District Council Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities, Cllr Jill Cleary said: "If you're cycling and haven't already got lights fitted to your bike, please invest in a set and remember, the law intends you to stay safe."

She added: "Please wear a helmet and reflective clothing too - they could save your life. Think 'Can I be seen?' before you start cycling on the winter roads."

Think about keeping safe on the road with this handy checklist from the Safer New Forest Partnership:

  1. Always wear a helmet and make sure that you and your bike can be seen in poor visibility or at night by wearing reflective clothing and make sure you have lights on your bike - white to the front, red to the rear.
  2. Look after your bike, check your tyres regularly and if something feels wrong when you're cycling, get it checked.
  3. Make sure you always pay full attention when cycling, be aware of other road users. It is illegal for adults to use footpaths for cycling.
  4. Find out more about the New Forest's cycle routes and road signage at

Two bike security products are now available at New Forest District Council information offices at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst; Lymington Town Hall; Hythe; Ringwood Gateway; Fordingbridge and Totton.

In addition, the Safer New Forest Partnership supports the Immobilise website where you can register your bikes and other property for free. The police then use this information to reunite stolen or lost property with its rightful owner. Please use this.

More information can be found on

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Sandbag Provision Regarding Flooding

November 2013

There is shortly to be a change in District Council policy regarding the issue of sandbags as explained below. Will you please be aware of this change should any member of the public make enquiries regarding the provision of sandbags.

For several years the District Council has provided sandbags for collection from various locations and during some events have delivered sandbags to properties. However, as the property owner is probably aware, it is the responsibility of property owners to take all necessary steps to protect their own property against flooding and the Council does not have a duty to provide sandbags for this purpose.

There are now many flood protection products available to property owners that offer better performance and a much enhanced level of protection compared to sandbags and which, in the long-term, are more environmentally sustainable. They range from simple door guards and air brick covers to complete protection systems.

In recognition of this growing market in property-level flood protection products, and of increasing concerns about the unsustainable nature of using sandbags due to their short life and limited effectiveness, the Council proposes to stop making sandbags available to the general public from Spring next year.

The National Flood Forum, an independent national charity which helps people to prepare for flooding in order to prevent it or mitigate its impacts, publishes the 'Blue Pages', a directory of products and services designed to help protect against flooding.  This can be viewed at or a copy obtained by contacting The National Flood Forum, Snuff Mill Warehouse, Bewdley, Worcestershire. DY12 2EL.  Tel: 01299 403 055. This information should be of help to anyone who is likely to suffer flooding.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Stuart Beaton on telephone number 023 8028 5588

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'Legal Highs' Advice for Parents

Parents and carers are urged to get the facts about legal highs and talk to their teenagers about drug use.

Legal highs are substances that are designed to mimic the effects of illegal drugs like ecstasy and cocaine but are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. But just because a substance is sold as 'legal', doesn't mean that it's safe.

The Safer New Forest Partnership website features a link to a factbook which gives information and practical advice on legal highs and club drugs to help parents understand the issues and discuss drug use with their children.

The publication has been produced by The Angelus Foundation, a charity dedicated to reducing the dangers to young people caused by legal highs, the ADFAM charity, which helps families with drugs and alcohol issues, and the Drugs Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

The handbook also signposts young people to which will inform them about legal highs, their toxicity and their effects.

"If parents can have informed conversations about legal highs with their children, it will help young people make the right decisions and can potentially save lives," said Cllr Jill Cleary, New Forest District Council portfolio holder for housing and communities.

"I hope parents and carers of teenage children, in particular, will read the Angelus Foundation handbook and get the facts about legal highs, which many people know little about.

"It could stop your child from experimenting with these drugs."

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