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East Boldre Community Hub - Progress So Far

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If you can help us in any way, please get in touch with by using our Contact Page or by phoning Mike Husband on 01590 611073 or Steve Antczak on 01590 626368.




Existing shop was put up for sale

June 2017

SOS Survey - 97% of responses said shop was very important to the village.

However, SOS team struggled to find an affordable site for the shop in the village.

July 2017

Save Our Shop public meeting

East Boldre Post Office and Shop Public Meeting 15 July 2017.pdf

Nov 2017

Initial drawings for the hub based on a Nissen hut design - version 1. Submitted as planning pre-application to New Forest National Park Planning Department.

Pre App East Boldre Village Hall.pdf

Dec 2017

Feedback on planning pre-application from New Forest National Park Planning Department was generally positive. Some actions are required but nothing insurmountable.

NPA Pre App Feedback 1.pdf

Save Our Shop / Community Hub Public Meeting

East Boldre Post Office and Shop Public Meeting 16 Dec 2017.pdf

Mar - May 2018

Successfully raised over £8,000, mainly from the community, to get the hub project going (to cover planning costs, consultants etc.). This was through online Crowd Funding together with other donations and the associated Gift Aid.

July 2018

Commissioned full ecological and bat surveys, £3,135 but required by Natural England.

East Boldre Village Hall Ecological Appraisal Report July 2018.pdf

Sep 2018

Feedback from Natural England. Generally positive with some conditions that are manageable.  

DAS East Boldre Village Hall Reply 28 Sept 2018.pdf

We have had a positive response from Forestry England (formerly the Forestry Commission) and have built a good working relationship with them.

Informal meetings were held with the Verderers.

Subject to a suitable design, these agencies are happy for us to rebuild the village hall into a community hub.

Oct 2018

Verderers asked Forestry England to clarify in writing its legal position regarding its ability to grant a licence for a shop on the Village Hall site.

Nov 2018

We became a member of the Plunkett Foundation (which gives advice and supports rural communities' businesses). Have been getting much needed advice from them throughout 2019.

Verderers visit village hall site.

Dec 2018

Shop licence problem first raised by the Verderers - Forestry Commission do not have legal power to grant a licence to operate a shop on Crown Land.

Mar 2019

2nd version of design to address issues raised by National Park authority and others. Various layout concerns identified.

East Boldre Village Hall Version 2 Design Images and Floor Plans.pdf

Sought legal advice to independently clarify our position regarding shop licence. It matched what Verderers had said.

Apr 2019

Potential solution to this problem proposed by Verderers, formally minuted at their court meeting in June.

May 2019

3rd version of design drawings to address the major issues raised by the planning department, Natural England, Forestry England and the Verderers and maximise utilisation of space. See Hub Design Concepts for more information.

East Boldre Village Hall Design 3 Version 1.pdf

Aug 2019

Pre-planning meeting with NPA for 3rd version of plans. Primarily to explain why upstairs room essential for viability of the Hub.

NPA EBVH Meeting 7 August 2019.pdf

Awaiting Feedback

Sep 2019

Applied for Bright Ideas grant for start-up community businesses - to bolster our fighting fund.

Will hear by 2nd Dec 2019.

The hub plans for the school bus to use the Village Hall car park were brought forward and have been implemented to improve children's safety.

East Boldre Demographic Study - for input to shop business case. Helps understand how our shop's customer base compares to Woodgreen and Pilley.

Shop Demographics.pdf

Oct 2019

Analysed the results of Save Our Shop survey to ensure we take the feedback onboard.

Save Our Shop Survey Results Public Meeting July 2017.pdf

Nov 2019

Hub lane Representatives recruited to provide contact point for hub information and feedback of ideas for their immediate neighbours. See Lane Representatives page.

Dec 2019

Feedback from NPA suggests design version 3 is unlikely to gain planning approval. The planning officers suggested we should work on design version 2 which would be more acceptable. After an informal meeting with planning officers on 9 Dec, we are confident design 2 version 10 will be successful.

East Boldre Village Hall Design 4 Version 6

We still have £3,970 left to cover upcoming planning application costs.

Feb 2020

Further design fine-tuning.

East Boldre Village Hall Design 2 Version 11.pdf

First Hub Newsletter issued

Feb 2020

Two public meetings were held at the village hall to keep the community up to date information and an opportunity to get involved and discuss their ideas and concerns with the team

East Boldre Community Hub Feb Public Meetings.pdf

17 April 2020

We were awarded £9,670 of funding towards the project fighting fund from the Bright Ideas programme operated by Power to Change, the independent charitable trust that supports community businesses in England.

1 May 2020

Planning application submitted. Read all of the documents here.

9 June 2021

Planning application approved

June/July 2021

Alternative plans to keep the community shop in the current village shop premises have been communicated to the village and discussed in two public meetings.

June/July 2021

Alternative plans to remodel the hub without a shop have been drafted. Download the latest amended plans and visuals. Unfortunately, accurate costings have made this design hard to justify at more than £1.1M.

April 2022

Because of the unjustifiably high cost of building the approved design (over £1.1M), we will downscale our plans and limit them to improving the internal layout and the external appearance of the current building. Draft plans can be viewed here.

Page updated on 02 May 2022

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