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East Boldre Community Hub - Planning Application

Can You Help?

If you can help us in any way, please get in touch with by using our Contact Page or by phoning Mike Husband on 01590 611073 or Steve Antczak on 01590 626368.

Page updated on 06 July 2021

Documents List

EBVH-00 Covering Letter

EBVH-01 EXISTING - Ground Floor Plan

EBVH-02 EXISTING - Elevations

EBVH-03 PROPOSED - Ground Floor Plan

EBVH-04 PROPOSED - 1st Floor

EBVH-05 PROPOSED - Basement Floor Plan

EBVH-06 PROPOSED - Internal Sections

EBVH-07 PROPOSED -Roof Plan / Sections

EBVH-08 PROPOSED - Elevations

EBVH-09 EXISTING - Block Plan

EBVH-10 PROPOSED - Block Plan

EBVH-11 PROPOSED - External lighting & light reduction strategy

EBVH-12 Topographical Survey

EBVH-13 Proposed Visuals

EBVH-14 Proposed Sketchup Visuals

EBVH-15 Design & Access Statement

EBVH-16 Planning Policy Statement

EBVH-17 NPA Pre-App Feedback

EBVH-18 Natural England - Pre-App Feedback

EBVH-19 Ecology Report

EBVH-20 Site Options for East Boldre Community Shop

EBVH-21 Shop Contingency Plan

EBVH-22 Hub Car Park Study v1

EBVH-23 Community and Market Research

EBVH-24 Hub Financial Study

EBVH-25 Shop Business Plan v1

EBVH-26 SUPPORT - Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP

EBVH-27 SUPPORT - HCC Cllr Kieth Mans

EBVH-28 SUPPORT - Lord Montagu

EBVH-29 SUPPORT - NFDC Cllr Michael Harris

The planning application was submitted online on 1 May 2020. All of the documents submitted are shown below. Click on the document to open it in a new browser tab. Documents containing embedded documents are best opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Double click on the paperclip icons to open the embedded documents. (Download and install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC)

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