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Double Trouble for Pilley Panto

Twenty-six eager actors, ranging in age from seven years old to eighty, ready to perform their ninth pantomime, "Sleeping Beauty into the Fifties", suffered double trouble this year because of the weather.

First, their first of four performances, on 1st February, had to be shelved because a tornado blew the roof off their venue, East Boldre Village Hall. The Hall Committee worked tirelessly to put a new roof on and enabled Pilley Players  to reschedule the first show for 1st March while the backroom crew revised the posters, Lymington Times advertisements, programmes and catering arrangements. All was set to go, but the weather intervened once more: the "Beast from the East", as the national media called it, struck and no motorists in their right minds would take to the frozen roads.

"We could immediately have rescheduled yet again" says Pilley Panto Director Judy Uren, "but the cast would, by that time, have thinned out to do other things they had planned and we would have had to start rehearsals all over again.  We all discussed this and decided that everyone deserved some breathing space before having another go.  Accordingly, we will still be performing 'Sleeping Beauty into the Fifties' in November, when both the cast and a large audience are refreshed and once more ready to go" Weather permitting, of course!

The Pantomime will now be presented on Thursday 29 November, Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December.


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