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East Boldre Community Hub - Ongoing Activities

Can You Help?

If you can help us in any way, please get in touch with by using our Contact Page or by phoning Mike Husband on 01590 611073 or Steve Antczak on 01590 626368.

Shop Team

Work is progressing on several fronts at the moment:

Theatre Team

A team of local experts have viewed the current theatre and the architects plans with the aim of improving the use of the theatre for plays, cinema, as a music venue and for lectures, presentations and workshops. Research is currently being carried out across a number of small theatre venues locally to optimise the development of our theatre in terms of layout and audio-visual equipment.

The current plans offer an increased seating area and the opportunity to improve the layout, for example for stage access for props, changing rooms and storage. Vitally important too is that refreshments can be offered during performances so how people move around the space is being considered.

Recruiting Volunteers to Build the Hub Team

See the Get Involved Page.

Lane Representatives

We now have many of these in place across the village, each generally covering 10-25 of their immediate neighbours. We are still working to cover East End. They will be briefed regularly by the hub team so they have up to date information. They are the go-to people to answer any of their neighbours' questions but perhaps more importantly to feedback ideas and concerns from their part of the village into the hub & shop committees.

Planning Application

We are awaiting feedback from the National Park Planning department on version 3 of the plans before submitting a full planning application.

Shop licence issue

The hall building is owned by the village but it sits on Crown Land managed by Forestry England. The Village Hall currently operates under a licence from then for recreational use.

At the Verderer's court in October 2018 an issue arose regarding Forestry England being able to grant a licence to run a shop from the village hall. Legislation restricts what activities Forestry England can allow to happen on Crown land. The village shop clearly is not a recreational use.

This issue has held up our plans by 6 months but a probable solution was identified in June 2019. This still requires work by both the hub committee and Forestry England.

The Hub Team have had discussions with the School Playing Fields trustees and are still investigating other options. We are really waiting until Forestry England identify a suitable piece of land from their portfolio that is acceptable to the Verderers, before we can progress this issue further.

Page updated on 10 December 2019

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