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Volunteers Needed

New Forest Voluntary Car Schemes.

Since Starting this recruitment drive only three volunteers have come forward. If you have some time on your hands, why not become a volunteer driver for the New Forest Voluntary Car Scheme. Read more.

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Too many drivers are speeding through the village. Read more.

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The East Boldre Village Hall Committee needs more volunteers.

We also need help cataloguing our ever-growing historical collection.

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Neighbourhood Watch coordinators are needed. Read more.

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Report from the meeting held on 2 May 2013 attended by Cllr Surplice at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel.

  1. There have recently been 13 cases of kidney failure in dogs in the New Forest. The root cause of this has still not been identified.
  2. NFCP is to write to the Government minister in request of a larger role in decision making.
  3. Dylan Everett from the National Trust expressed concern for the pressure being put on the New Forest through it's over use.
  4. The next meeting will be on Thursday 4th July.

Report from the meeting held on 1 November 2012 – attended by Cllr Gray

A well-attended meeting discussed distribution improvements to 'Park Life', extra copies will be sent to Parish Clerks.

The FC have referred those worried about Ash disease to their website.

A presentation on Pond Conservation Project emphasised the importance of NF as a resource for rare and threatened species. 'Pondnet' is where volunteers can be involved.

The 'State of the Park Report' is available online only.

Report from the meeting held on 5 January 2012 – attended by Cllr Adams

  1. Tim Greenwood Chairman - Independent Panel on Forestry – New Forest visit 28 February 2012. A number of people were selected and put themselves forward to prepare a draft itinerary for the visit. Suggestions were taken from the floor on the context and areas for the panel’s visit. A number of people agreed that the Forestry Commission should be upheld for their good work and that this should continue.
  2. Kevin Penfold - Forestry Commission - the feedback on the Panel tour, was good and informative, his team was thanked for the work put into it. A number of comments were made that the carcasses of the deer, because of the quantity involved, are mostly sold on to a game dealer in Essex. (Most of the venison sold with the name of New Forest comes from the Private Estates within the New Forest.)
  3. The Latchmore HLS scheme - Habitat Restoration Programme - over 100 members of the public attended a public meeting on site and it was a very heated debate. Mindful of the sensitivities, the programme of works is going to proceed within the next few weeks (before bird nesting starts), with the removal of scrub and trees by man and chainsaw. A judgement of conditions will be made before machines are allowed on the site.
  4. Tim Greenwood Chairman – Task and Finish Group on the future role of the New Forest Consultative Panel. The group agreed that the Minister should be requested to issue a statement formally endorsing the value, role and purposes of the Panel and to write to all Section 62 statutory bodies requesting them to fully engage and consult the panel in all work which is likely to impact on the New Forest.
  5. Alison Barnes – National Park Authority. The Government’s review of the governance arrangements of the English National Parks, including amendments that are specific to the New Forest National Park. The number of elected members is to be piloted, together with the qualification of candidates, the voters, the electoral system and type of ballot. With a view to using the ballots in May 2013 and whist recognising that there will be further amendments, there will be further public consultation before this comes into effect.
  6. Any other Business - There is a meeting on the 10 January at Appletree Court regarding Rural Broadband. Funds have been awarded to Hampshire Council and it is hoped some of this will come to the New Forest.

It has been noted that the Replacement Cattle Grid on the Holbury to Hilltop road started late and took two weeks longer to complete. There are still diversion signs out for the completed works on the Sway cattle grid.

Report from the meeting held on 12 May 2011 Attended by Cllr Holmes

The meeting was broken down into main areas:

Chris Caswell - Higher Level Stewardship Scheme gave some screen shots of his new website ( he told everyone it would be a window to the work of the scheme. He said this had been created with help from the NPA. Chris Caswell thanked their web developer for help in setting it up.

The majority of the meeting was taken up with watching a DVD and presentation by James Brown of the work that the NPA have been doing regarding Shipwrecks of the Western Solent. Alison Barnes CEO for the NPA updated members of their new staff structure. Tim Greenwood, Chairman of the group acknowledged the letter sent to Caroline Spelman MP (Defra), and the halted review of Public Forest Estate consultation.

Reports from Previous Meetings:

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