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Parish Council
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Parish News

New Parish Council Website

Click here to go to the new East Boldre Parish Council Website

Your Local Councillors

Michael Harris and Maureen Holding were elected as NFDC councillors for the Brockenhurst and Forest South East Ward. Michael Harris normally attends Parish Council meetings. Contact details are here.

There were too few candidates to contest the Parish Councillors election. East Boldre can have up to seven Parish Councillors. Read more.

Speed Limit Reminder

Too many drivers are speeding through the village. Read more.

Join Community SpeedWatch and do something about it. Read more.

Village Hall News

The East Boldre Village Hall Committee needs more volunteers. Can you help us? Please use our Contact Page to get in touch.

There are TWO NEW PROJECTS underway at the Village Hall:

  • A Historical Archive and Exhibition will be created over the next three years.
  • As part of this, a Time Capsule will be created which will give a 12 month snapshot of life in East Boldre from 1 January to 31 December 2011.

Visit the Village Halls Page for more information on all of these projects.

Parish Council Section - News and Information

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Parish Council Notices April 2021

The next parish council meeting (the Annual Parish Meeting) will be held virtually, a week earlier than normal on 4th May at 7:00 pm. This is on advise of HALC, so that the meeting falls within the government time frame for online meetings. For further information and full HALC please see the latest news on the Parish Council website.

Stephen Harris, Partnership Manger for Open Reach, gave a very informative presentation to the parish council on the provision of broadband to East Boldre. He explained the historic issues encountered by Open Reach and the new timelines which have been established for the installation of fibre to the property and to the cabinet in the parish. Solutions for the installation of broadband must be affordable and expectations realistic. Stephen assured councillors that he would keep in touch with project progress. There are six mini projects within the East Boldre Parish boundary, with specific timelines for each project. A copy of the full presentation is available on the Parish Council website.

Several residents have complained about the state of the two lanes. Although some repair work has been carried out in the area, there are still several potholes and dangerous cracks in the road which make cycling hazardous. Residents should be encouraged to report damage to road surfaces directly to HCC. There is a link to report a highways problem on the Parish Council website. Additionally, Cllr Gabzdyl will contact Hampshire Highways, copying in Cllr Mans, to highlight the issues.

Full minutes from all the parish council meetings can also be found on the Parish Council website.

Parish Council Notices March 2021

The Parish Council Meeting was held on Tuesday 9 March and was followed by the Annual Parish Assembly.

  • Cllr Gabzdyl told the council that Hampshire County Council has not received a formal request from Network Rail to close the pedestrian rail crossing at Wood Fiddley Cottages. Informal conversations are taking place and if permission is sought, a clear consultation period will be instated where residents will be given a chance to comment on the plans.
  • County Councillor - Cllr Mans confirmed that Covid 19 cases in the New Forest have dropped to less than 30 per 100,0000 in the past week. The levels are consistently coming down. He warned that we must remain cautious as there are still a large number of Covid patients in hospital.
  • The vaccination program is successfully being rolled out across the county.
  • The return of children to school on 8th March is going well.
  • The council is now working on a recovery program and two new grant schemes are available (further details are available on Hampshire County Council website)

1. Community renewal fund.

2. Community ownership fund.

Notes for the Annual Parish Assembly can be read here.

Parish Council Notices February 2021

Working with E-mango, the clerk has updated the parish council website so that it meets all accessibility criteria. Menus have een updated and content amended ensuring straightforward navigation. Broadband and Hatchet Pond updates now have their own menu headings on the website.

On Friday 5th February, Cllr Holmes and the clerk met a representative from Forestry England as well as a verderer and an agister at allotment 2. The site was inspected and the surrender of the parish council allotment lease for this site was agreed.

Older Parish Council Notices

Older Parish Council notices can be found in the minutes of Parish Council meetings on their website.

Full minutes of the Parish Council meetings can be found on the East Boldre Parish Council website.

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