Conditions of Hire

The Hirer

  1. Is responsible for supervising the care of the building and contents and for the behaviour of all the people using the building during the hiring.
  2. Must report all losses/damages and may be liable to pay for these.
  3. Must take all their own rubbish away, using your own rubbish bags.
  4. Should show consideration for neighbours and other users of the area and must keep noise to a minimum. No loudspeakers/sound systems or karaoke permitted outside.
  5. Must vacate the Hall and return key to East Boldre Post Office within 30 minutes of hall hire finish. No hall bookings after 6pm.
  6. Must not allow alcohol to be purchased on the premises unless the committee has obtained the necessary licence.
  7. Is responsible for taking reasonable precautions against fire, making sure that the fire exits are not obstructed. Smoking is prohibited in the Hall.
  8. Must not sublet or allow the Hall to be used for any purpose other than the one mentioned when the booking was made.
  9. Must turn off all lights, heating and other appliances after the hiring.
  10. Must leave the premises clean and tidy and the premises securely locked at end of hiring period. A charge of £10 per hour for caretaking will be made if not left as found.
  11. Strictly no balloons on outside of fence or gate because of the Forest animals.
  12. Must park within the designated car park.
  13. Please note that DOGS are NOT allowed anywhere on the site.

 JULY 2019

For information on availability and to book the hall, please use our Contact Page or telephone 01590 612 133. (If not at home please leave a message.)

East Boldre School Fields Trust Hall Prices and Booking

Letting Fees

Private Bookings

Commercial Bookings

£10.00 per hour.

For private parties there is a minimum charge of 4 hours

£10.00 per hour.