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East Boldre Community Hub - Why Do We Need It?

It is no secret that the East Boldre Village Shop and Post Office is on the market. When it was first put on the market a couple of years ago, there was some concern in the village that it could close and we would lose our village shop.

A group of concerned villagers started the SOS (Save Our Shop) East Boldre campaign to look at ways to save the village shop. You probably remember their posters and flyers, pictured right. They considered buying the shop and enlarging it, and they looked into building a new community shop elsewhere in the village but no suitable site could be found. The idea to relocate the shop to the old Social Club in Strawberry Fields was rejected by the Beaulieu Estate.

With few options left, the SOS team joined forces with the village hall team and, with the design skills of Guy McNair-Wilson, came up with the Copmmunity Hub Project.

It is important to say at this stage, that Ian Evans, the current shop owner, fully supports this project and the village hall team are fully aware of all of the obstacles that must be overcome to bring this idea to fruition.

The village hall team fully support this project because it will guarantee the survival of the hall into the future. It is no secret that many village halls are losing rental income because many of the traditional activities such as bridge clubs, whist drives, luncheon clubs, music clubs, etc., are disappearing as the population ages. For some years now, our village hall has not generated sufficient rental income to cover its running costs. The hall team had to supplement its income by holding major events and exhibitions, and by writing and selling the book, ‘From Forest Field to Western Front’.

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