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East Boldre Community Hub Lane Representatives

A lane representative’s key role is to act as the conduit for information between the hub & shop committees and the village as a whole. They live near you and are the go-to people to answer any questions you have about the Hub. Perhaps more importantly, they will feedback your ideas and concerns into the hub committee.

They will be kept well informed of progress about the hub and shop, so they should be your first port of call.

Each lane rep is assigned a post code or, in some cases, a list of neighbouring houses which are shown on the map below so you can see who your lane rep is. Click on the red star nearest to your home to discover who your lane rep is. (You can zoom, enlarge and scroll the map in the usual way.)

Page updated on 16 May 2020

We are still looking for volunteers to act as lane reps for the following postcodes. We keep lane representatives briefed on our progress through quarterly meetings and they help with newsletter deliveries. Please get in touch if you can help.







SO42 7PD

Strawberry Fields

SO42 7XB

Bucklers Hard

SO42 7WJ

Matthews Lane

SO42 7XD

Bucklers Hard

SO42 7WH

Gaza Avenue

SO42 7XE

Bucklers Hard

SO42 7XH

Warren Lane




SO42 7XJ

Needs Ore Cottages

SO41 5SP

Tanners Lane

SO42 7XL

Thorns Beach Road

SO41 5SQ

Sowley Lane

SO42 7XP

Lodge Lane

SO41 5SR

St Leonards Road

SO42 7YE

Lyndhurst Road

SO41 5SW

Norleywood Road

SO41 5SX

Broomhill Cottages

SO41 5SY

Lymington Road

SO42 7XN

Thorns Beach

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