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East Boldre Community Hub - Design Concepts

During the 1960s and again in the 1980s, flat roof extensions were added to the hall with little regard to the historical significance of the old WW1 Concert Hall. Much of this space is not used efficiently and is, therefore, not generating any income for the hall.

We feel that the flat roof extensions are unsympathetic to the original WW1 building. We plan to remove these extensions and use an equivalent area of land to build a more attractive and efficient building for the community. Sustainability, energy efficiency and energy generation rank highly amongst our aspirations.

All flat roof extensions will be removed. New, pitched roof extensions will be added front and rear.

The rear extension will allow additional floor space or seating space in the main hall.

The front extension will accommodate disabled toilets and changing facilities for the theatre and sports clubs.

Originally designed to accommodate a community shop, the new extension to be added behind the hall will now accommodate the new function room, a new kitchen and toilet suit. A good size storeroom with loft space will be accessible from both the new room and the main hall.

View from the car park.

There will be plenty of space for a permanent exhibition of historical artefacts and photographs.

When it was built, the YMCA Concert Hall had a large, shed-like extension at the back. This is why the north wall of the hall looks nothing like the other walls. This project will restore this extension, albeit, by a smaller one.

Design and artwork by Guy McNair-Wilson

We must stress that what follows is very much an artists impression of what might be possible. It is a bold scheme and will only work if the local community support us.

Page updated on 11 July 2021

View from the road.

This is the view from the north-west. It shows the west wall of the Concert Hall has been restored to its former glory. During the 1960s, most of this wall was knocked down to give access to the rooms in the flat roof extensions.

It is important to stress that the new building will not be higher than the old Concert Hall.

The car park will continue to be a pick-up point for the South Baddesley School mini-bus. As this improves safety for the children and reduces congestion on Main Road, this was implemented in September 2019.

View from the west

The great thing about this plan is that it will not take up any more space than the original flat roof extensions so no grazing will be lost. Download the latest plans.

There will be one main entrance for both the halls. In this artist’s impression, the two children are walking towards the main entrance, the new room being on the left and the main hall, straight ahead as it always has been.

Carefully positioned timber slats allow plenty of daylight into the building but restrict escaping internal light to a narrow angle, thus reducing light pollution and preserving our dark sky.

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