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East Boldre Community Hub - Home Page

The Community Hub Website was last updated on

07 September 2018

Welcome to the East Boldre Community Hub Website.

This website is hosted by the East Boldre Village Website.

While the Community Hub is being planned and throughout the fundraising and building period, this website will provide updates and information about the progress of the project. When it is complete, it will become the website for the Community Hub including the new Community Shop, the upgraded theatre and the Village Hall facilities, including booking information.

Please visit regularly for updates and information about how you can get involved.

The Community Shop

The current plan is for Ian Evans, Postmaster, to run the shop for a period of time, yet to be decided. He will bring his expertises and a loyal customer base to the new shop. In the longer term it will be modelled the highly successful Woodgreen Community Shop which has recently doubled its annual turnover to £500,000. We plan to operate the community shop as follows:

 Read the expert’s view on community shops


Watch our Promotional Video Here and Get Involved

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