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East Boldre Community Hub - Home Page

Welcome to the East Boldre Community Hub Website.

Please take 5 minutes to fill in our survey

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Your responses will form a vital part of our fundraising applications.

While the Community Hub is being planned and throughout the fundraising and building period, this website will provide updates and information about the progress of the project.

Please visit regularly for updates about our progress and information about how you can get involved.

This website is hosted by the East Boldre Village Website.

The Community Hub project aims to enhance and expand the existing Village Hall facilities while safeguarding the Village Shop and Post Office. We are working closely with Ian to ensure a solution which suits both him and the community.

Work by the Community Hub team has been progressing quietly in the background for the last 2 years. We are finally in the run up to applying for planning permission so the time is right to increase community involvement.

Hub Development Expected Time Line

Plans for development of such complex projects are subject to change as we learn more but the diagram below shows our best estimate at the moment.

We see the shop and Post Office as vital services in our village. They currently operate from Ian Evan’s private premises and when this was put up for sale a few years ago, it became obvious that we could lose them.

The community hub will give the ownership of the shop to the village and, providing it is supported, will give it a much more certain future. Ian has served the village well for many years making excellent use of the limited space in his shop. However, the Hub development offers the opportunity of more than twice the retail space. This will allow a broader product range leading to higher turnover and the opportunity to offer more competitive prices.

This WW1 building boasts the stage from its original use as a concert hall. We see it as important to preserve this historic feature but to improve the theatre facilities supporting it. Namely, increasing the seating area and improving the stage access, changing rooms and audio visual equipment. This will make the theatre a more attractive venue for visiting theatrical groups. In addition, the technical improvements, could allow regular film nights to be held.

The main hall has always been a multi-function area, allowing for performances, parties, exercise classes and exhibitions.

In the rebuilt Hub, the existing hall (70 sq metres) will continue to be a multi-purpose space. In addition, the current plans provide a further upstairs function room measuring approximately 60 sq metres, with a balcony and views over the forest. A lift and stairs will allow access by all.

Schoolchildren’s art competition at the 2010 Flying School Centenary.

The Four Seasons Singers in a WW1 sing-along

Page updated on 16 May 2020

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