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Community Shop Hub Home Page

East Boldre Community Shop Home Page

The shop has been owned by Ian Evans since 2001. He has loyally served the village by running the shop and Post Office for the last 18 years and many villagers have benefited from his quiet, often unseen kindness.

We have asked Ian to summarize the current situation and have included his thoughts in his own words here.

Of course, to survive any shop will need the community to use it so its key to involve everyone in deciding what is wanted. We plan to operate the community shop as follows:

Hub-based Community Shop and Post Office

The community shop and Post Office WILL NOT operate in competition with the current shop/Post Office. One will replace the other and, the plan is that Ian will continue to operate the post office within the hub.

Shop trade has been steadily decreasing over the last 5 years and is now at such a low level that after costs the shop makes a loss. There are two main reasons:

IIn light of this, Ian finds it hard to justify the 70 hours a week he is currently working and is seriously considering closing the shop outside the post office opening hours or possibly altogether.  He would continue to run the post office for the 25 hours a week he is contracted to do so, at least preserving this service for the village.

The hub team's current hope is for Ian to transfer the post office to the hub when it is built and to continue to run it from this new location for as long as he wishes. This would allow Ian to close the existing shop premises and for them to be changed to a residential use.

The hub would benefit from Ian's long-standing retail experience and the additional footfall generated by the Post Office.

Situation with the Current Shop and Post Office

Page updated on 16 May 2020

Read the East Boldre Community Shop Business Plan

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